A Safe Bet: Stick With Genuine Apple MagSafe Power Adapters

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Many folks have caved to the temptation of buying a non-Apple power adapter for their MacBook when it’s less than half of what Apple charges on Amazon or eBay. As you might expect, counterfeit ones are more likely to fail suddenly and pose some serious safety concerns. As a result, we end up recycling a few every day at our stores when a replacement Apple MagSafe adapter is purchased. We had a faulty one that was consistently sparking that was recycled here today. As you might expect, this is not a good thing at all, as we’ve heard that people have had fires and have been hurt as a result. The Apple MagSafe and USB-C power adapters are $79 because they support both 110 and 220 volts and can be used worldwide. We’ve carefully examined many counterfeit Apple adapters, and they often lack the thick copper shielding, the proper grounding, and the overall quality of a genuine Apple adapter. In addition, Apple does not license the MagSafe technology, so any non-Apple adapter you might find is fake.

Notice the lack of the Apple logo on this one.

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Here’s true counterfeit Apple MagSafe adapter. As you can see it’s got the Apple logo and looks like the genuine article. But it’s 100% fake and weighs almost an once less than the real deal.

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