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Who doesn’t like being a hero? It’s undoubtedly satisfying for the team here at MacMedics. But just the possibility of data loss, especially when we’re talking about years of both personal and client work, is so stressful. For example, Joe, our new client (Read his Google 5-Star review below) who just happened to be in town visiting his parents, was visibly stressed at the thought of possible data loss. Luckily for him, we were able to save his data! We also helped him step into a good backup plan so that this sort of thing (and the stress/risk) would not happen again.

You need a backup, and just one is NOT enough. We recommend using the built-in Time Machine as your first line of defense. Then add in additional protection with a secondary and occasional Time Machine backup that captures your Mac and all of your external drives. Your secondary Time Machine backup should NOT be kept near your Mac in case of localized fire, flood, or theft. We recommend that you store in it a different location and hook it up once a month. Then cover it all with an unlimited BackBlaze cloud (or iCloud) backup. Good data backup hygiene is essential for folks who have work that has been produced and paid for by their customers.

“Absolute HEROS! Perfect service, no complaints at all. The external hard drive that I use for work every day (primarily for Pro Tools sessions) randomly started not mounting properly, and I couldn’t access any of the data. I thought I was screwed and was going to loose YEARS and Terabytes of my own work and client’s work. I went to MacMedics hoping they could recover the data, and instead, they were able to fix the drive with a simple software fix!!! They only charged me for their diagnostic fee, gave me a small discount on a new SSD, and explained a better way for me to back up my drives in the future. Above and beyond service! Huge thank you to Dana; specifically, you are a true lifesaver!!”

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