Accidental iPhone or Mac Damage? Check Your Credit Card!

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When MacMedics customers damage their iPhones and Macintosh computers, We often refer them back to their credit card they used to purchase the device to take advantage of a little known benefit: 90-day damage, loss, and theft protection. I figured this out myself about 10-years ago when I followed my father-in-law off a hiking trail in Western Maryland with a new, fancy camera. I slipped and fell on a rock, and the camera lens took the brunt of the fall.
My CapitalOne credit card covered it since the camera was less than 90-days old.
A customer visited MacMedics last week with an iPhone X with a broken screen. We fixed it same-day, without an appointment, and under two-hours, and the customer paid out of pocket for the repair because they did not also have AppleCare+. The iPhone was set on a counter that night, and it fell the floor again and broke the screen for a second time within 24-hours. I suggested that they check her credit card since the customer had mentioned on the second visit that the iPhone was still very new. They contacted American Express, and since the iPhone was less than 90-days old, AMEX covered both repairs.
Some credit cards companies offer more than 90-day damage, loss, and theft protection. Credit card and travel tip website The Points Guy has a list of credit cards that provide extra coverage for cell phones:

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