Amazon's Server Slowdown From 99 Cent Lady Gaga Promotion

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We’ve had a few calls from MacMedics clients who had trouble downloading the Lady Gaga album “Born This Way” for .99 cents. Amazon has sent an email detailing how to re-download your purchase if it stalled out on the day of the promotion.
Dear Amazon Customer,
As someone who purchased Lady Gaga’s album “Born This Way” on May 23, 2011, you may have experienced issues downloading the album.
If you saved your purchase to Amazon Cloud Drive, the album is now available for you to play and download in Amazon Cloud Player. Simply open Cloud Player ( and navigate to your Latest Purchase playlist where you will see the album.
If you saved your purchase to your computer, please follow these instructions to re-download your music:
1. Launch the Amazon MP3 Downloader. Select “Amazon MP3 Downloader” from your Applications folder.
2. If you have failed downloads in your MP3 Downloader download queue, click the “Clear Completed” button at the top center of the Amazon MP3 Downloader window.
3. After you have cleared the download queue, go to:
4. Find the order(s) that were placed on May 23 and click View Order.
5. Select “Click here to redownload all the tracks listed below”.
Thank you for your patience. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Customer Service

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