An unsolicited testimonial for MacMedics from Goldstein & Associates, P.C.

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MacMedics is a very focused on providing the very best Macintosh consulting, support, service, and sales experience possible for our clients. Ever since I started MacMedics in 1989, clients, friends, competitors, reporters, and many other folks have asked how MacMedics stays so busy. My answer has always been the same, “take care of the clients, make sure their Macs are always working, and they’ll take care of you”. It might sound corny, but it’s true.
On Friday, Goldstein & Associates, P.C., a client of ours in our Washington DC office sent an e-mail to our office in Lanham, MD, requesting my e-mail address. A short time later the following testimonial was waiting for me in my in-box:
Dear Mr. Stibolt:
We are a law firm and have been a client of your firm for the past year
and a half.
I am writing to express our great satisfaction with one of your
employees, Jason Bush. We have been working with Jason over the past
several weeks to replace all of the Macs – including the server and internet
configuration – in our office. We could not be more pleased.
From our first meeting with him, Jason has offered us confident,
expert advice regarding the technical needs of our network as well as the
needs of individual employees in the firm. He has shown a deep knowledge of
any possible technical and logistical issues we might have and has
consistently offered us practical, customized recommendations for all aspects
of technology in our office.
Furthermore, I truly believe Jason has gone above and beyond all
expectation since the installation of our new computers. He has stayed in
consistent contact with me and my staff and has been quick to respond to all
questions. Jason also took a great deal of initiative in determining the
inadequacies of our former internet provider as well as the unreasonable
prices it was charging our firm. He stayed in close contact to advise us as we
located a new provider and then took the time to oversee personally the
transition from one to the other. That transition, I might add, proceeded
quickly and flawlessly.
In short, we have been extremely glad to have Jason working with us,
and we are consistently impressed by the expertise and care he demonstrates
in addressing our needs. We look forward to continuing to work with Jason
and MacMedics in the future.
Melvin Goldstein
Principal Attorney
See this link to see this glowing testimonial in it’s original form. Thank you to Melvin Goldstein for taking time out from his busy schedule to write this unsolicited testimonial for MacMedics and Jason Bush.
Goldstein & Associates, P.C. may be contacted by calling 202-872-8740‎ for more information about their firm and services.

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