Another 5 star review for MacMedics and Dana Stibolt

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One of our clients just sent us this nice testimonial/review. We’re delighted to help anyone that has a Mac problem. But I’d like to remind everyone to have a tested and automatic backup. In this situation, our client lost data twice on two different computers. New or old hard drives can fail anytime. See this post for more info.

“MacMedics does it again!‎ By far, MacMedics is the best Apple Authorized Service Provider. I was first acquainted with the “Medics” at MacMedics when the hard drive on my black 13-inch MacBook crashed in the early spring of 2009. Apple could not do much for me except recommend several data recovery companies, as I had lost over 10,000 digital photos that meant the world to me. Somehow I came across owner Dana Stibolt and MacMedics, and they took it from there. They attempted to recover the data and then suggested several data recovery companies. Although the data and photos could not be recovered, Dana recommended redundancy in backing up data which is very important. Unfortunately, the “hard drive ghosts” reappeared, taking down my wife and son’s 20-inch iMac. They, too, had to learn as I did earlier in the year–back up your data—this time, I knew exactly where to go. I talked to Dana about the problem and rushed the unit over the next day. Now here is the most salient point of this review. Although the hard drive was too far gone to recover any data, the standard data recovery rate of $99.00 that MacMedics charges were reduced to only $20.00 for the attempt. Dana maintained that the recovery effort was so short-lived that it wouldn’t be right to charge me the standard recovery rate of $99.00. Now, where do you find integrity like that in today’s society? As a result, I purchased Snow Leopard Family Pack from them. Dana and MacMedics will always have my business regardless of how large or small they need. Thank you, Dana, and your folks at MacMedics. E. Muniz”

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