Another happy MacMedics customer, who left us a 5-Star Google review:

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Another happy MacMedics customer, who left us a 5-Star Google review. We firmly believe in giving our customers all of the options, even if MacMedics is not the lowest price or the best way to complete the service. The reason we suggested the customer check on the AppleCare+ angle was because he did not buy the AppleCare at the same time he purchased the MacBook Pro. He was within a few months of the AppleCare+ announcement. He could have upgraded to that if he had known about that option.
“I can’t recommend these guys enough! They’re very honest and will do everything in their power to solve your issue, even if it means sending your business to Apple instead of them fixing it. MY STORY: So, in January 2017, I bought my first MacBook Pro, the one with the Touchbar, 15-inch, I had just bought it from Apple directly. I should have shopped local and gave the purchase to MacMedics but that’s a different story. Anyway, this month (December 2017) I had it in my backpack and accidentally dropped it! Boom, cracked screen! NOOOOO!!!!! I paid a lot of money for this bad boy because I’m a techy and must have all the latest specs on my electronics; I paid over $3400 for it, ouch!
So, today, I stopped by MacMedics to get a price quote on fixing the screen. I was unlucky and bought my computer 5 months before Apple offered AppleCare+. So, I’d have to pay out of pocket for the repair because my computer didn’t qualify for AppleCare+ because of when I bought it. Only computers sold in June or later could get AppleCare+ (AppleCare+ protects against accidental damage). MACMEDICS TO THE RESCUE: MacMedics gave me a great and reasonable price quote to fix the screen. But wait… they didn’t just stop there, the one gentleman who works there told me that there is a possibility that the Apple Store may be a little bit cheaper. So, I was going to go to get a price quote for the Apple store BUT WAIT….ONE MORE THING, he said since I had barely missed the opportunity to sign up for AppleCare+ (at that time it wasn’t available to me) I might be able to call Apple Support to see if they can help me out…maybe they’d make an exception? Long story short, I spent about 85 minutes on the Phone talking to everyone at Apple (except Tim Cook). Apple decided to make an exception and waive the full cost of replacing the screen. So, thanks to MacMedics, I was able to save hundreds of dollars. I’d never have thought about calling Apple and would have eaten the cost of the repair. MacMedics will definitely go above and beyond to help anyone! I really appreciate their help and honesty! I’d recommend everyone to go there for all of your Apple Product Purchases and repairs. They’re an impeccable company and great people. Thank you, so much! – An Extremely happy customer.

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