Another Macintosh Data Recovery Case Involving a Spanned or Striped RAID

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

Another Macintosh Data recovery in progress at MacMedics Baltimore today!
Right now in the MacMedics Millersville office we are working a data recovery case involving an older IDE based LaCie Big Disk. These hard drives were really popular for a long time and they contain (2) hard drives that form (1) Macintosh hard drive volume. They are super risky to use for several reasons
A. At this point they should be retired due to age anyways.
B. They use two hard drives to form one, so you are doubling your chance for data loss, because if one drive fails you lose the data on both drives.
Read our blog post on the dangers of this type of drive and with 3TB drives now at under $200 just replace these relics of the early days of mass storage.

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