AOL email Phishing warning: There seems to be alot of this going on right now!

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A few of our customers on AOL have had this scam happen. Here is an instance where our customer, Scott, a long-time AOL user, has had his AOL account hacked.

The hacker sent everyone in Scott’s address book this message. It’s FROM Scott’s AOL account, but the REPLY-TO email is the same email address except on a Gmail account that was created in Scott’s name and has the exact same email address as his AOL account.

The hacker hopes you’ll reply to him and ask what you can do to help. Did you notice that he says Scott is not available by phone? He does not want you to call, because then Scott would know his email was hacked. Then, he will try to get gift cards out of you to help Scott somehow. That’s the usual scam, but there are many variations.

This AOL account hack also happened to another one of our customers, Lucia. In her case, maybe the hacker was not getting the results he wanted, and he used her hacked AOL account to obtain a 2-Factor code from Amazon and then hacked her account there as well.

P.S. If you or “your parents” have an AOL account, this would be a good time to log in and change it for good measure. As a reminder, DO NOT reuse your email account password anywhere, ever! Good password hygiene means that you should not reuse any password!

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