Apple acknowledges possible issue with MacBook Pro 7200 RPM Seagate hard drives

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Some of Apple’s newest MacBook Pros with upgraded 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drives might have an issue. Owners are reporting odd beeping and clicking noises along with performance issues. MacMedics techs have now also seen the issue in our lab first hand.
The buzz on the Internet seems to point an issue that may be caused by an issue between Apple’s on-board anti-shock system and some kind of incompatibility issue with Seagate’s G-Force protection system that it includes with these drives.
A representative from Apple has now acknowledged the issue, and they are working on a resolution.
For users that are just handling standard computing tasks, it appears that this is not an issue as it appears to only be affecting folks doing high intensity read and writes on the hard drive. This seems pretty limited to pro audio or video work.

A quick scan of the various articles on this issue seem to point to the fact that this is only limited to 7200 RPM drives, as there appear to be no reports of problems with 5400 RPM hard drives.

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