Apple AirTag helps recover $7000 in stolen camera gear in Australia

Apple AirTag attached to a set of keys

I love Apple AirTags. It was one of the Apple products that I ordered the second they were available. I have one attached to my backpack, tool bag, wallet, and keys. I also put one on my cat, who likes to hide where I can’t find her, and then I worry she’s gotten out of the house. Now that she has her own AirTag, I can check to ensure she’s still in the house and if she does get out. I will get an alert that says the cat “has left the building.”

I was helping a customer with his son’s iPhone last week, and we got to talking about AirTags. He had just gotten hit by a professional Motorcross Motorcycle theft ring. He wished he had hidden AirTags in his three motorcycles before there were stolen. Interesting side note on this theft. He has Nest video cameras outside, and the bad guys used a piece of black construction paper to cover the camera without setting off the motion detection. This is going deep on this topic, but my daughter told me about a famous BMX guy ( who posted a crazy video on Reddit about his stuff being stolen, and he used an interesting tactic that could have been used here. Put a hidden video camera on your more obvious video camera. Don’t forget that bad actors now look for IR (night vision) cameras using a spy technique, so consider using an overwatch video camera that surveys a lighted area that does not use IR to still pick up motion without being detected.

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