Apple announces USB Power Adapter Takeback Program For "fake" iPhone Power Adapters

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Update 8/12/13: MacMedics is also accepting 3rd party or fake adapters as part of this program. Just bring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with your questionable adapter and we’ll sell you a new Apple power adapter for $10 and take your questionable one for recycling by Apple.
Apple announces a USB Power Adapter Takeback Program for “fake” power adapters. If you bought a counterfeit iPad, iPhone, or iPod adapter from eBay, Amazon, or elsewhere, you can take it to the Apple Store and they will sell you a discounted genuine Apple adapter for $10 and dispose the potentially dangerous one for you. A good rule of thumb is if you paid less than $19 for your USB power charger, it’s likely counterfeit! In case you missed it, a fake adapter electrocuted someone in China only a few weeks ago.

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