Apple refunds my iPhone 3G S order "overnight shipping fee" of $16.

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So when I ordered my iPhone 3G S, I thought that grabbing the “overnight shipping” might speed my results. After a few tantalizing e-mails from Apple and UPS it looked like my iPhone might arrive as much as two days early. Sadly, this turned out to be a big fat iPhone fairy tale, but that did not stop me from hoping that it would REALLY arrive early.
I think on Thursday, I started getting e-mails (I think a total of five of them arrived) from Apple saying they would refund that extra shipping. I’m not sure why, but I’ll take a refund.
Here’s what they had to say today via e-mail:
To Our Valued Apple Customer:
Thank you for your recent iPhone purchase.
Apple has issued a credit for your shipping charge and sent it to your
credit-card company for processing. Please contact your credit-card
company if you have questions about when the credit will be posted to
your account.
Apple Online Store Team

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