Apple Safari Internet SCAM – Webpage Tells You To Call Phone Number

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Please spread the word about this. We hear about folks who get hooked by this scam and call the phone number everyday. They often pay the $100 – $300 for someone to log-on to your Mac to fix NOTHING!
If you get a message in Safari (like the one below) that says you have a virus, malware, or some other problem and to call a phone number, it’s a SCAM! It will appear to lock your browser so you can’t do anything else. Even if you force quit Safari it will keep coming back.
Here’s what to do: Force quit Safari (Command + Option + ESC). When you re-launch Safari hold the Shift key to prevent Safari from re-loading the scam webpage.
Then download Malwarebytes (formerly AdwareMedic) for free to clear up any lingering garbage in your Mac.
P.S. Also, please spread the word that Apple, Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft will NOT call you to tell you you have a virus. These hackers target older folks to prey on, and they log-on to the computer to fix nothing and also might try to steal your identity.
Apple Safari Internet SCAM

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