Apple selects MacMedics (again!) for the Commitment To Excellence service award

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

We are pleased to announce that Apple has selected MacMedics for a quarterly Commitment To Excellence service award for the second time. Only 179 Apple Service locations were honored with this award putting MacMedics in the top 5% of all Apple Authorized Service Providers in the United States and Canada.
MacMedics is one of only three AASP’s in Maryland to receive this award, and the only Mac shop in Anne Arundel County with this prestigious rating from Apple.
Apple gives out this award for the Apple Authorized Service Providers that score the highest in the following four categories of performance.
1. Repair turnaround time – How fast can MacMedics repair your Macintosh and return it to you. This is a longtime key factor that has won us this award and others before. Our professional clients use their computers to make money, the longer it’s off-line the less money you make! This is why we’ve worked so hard for 20 years to get your Mac back on your desk as fast as possible!
2. First time fix – Did we nail the repair the first time? You bet! This is one of the reasons that our techs are the best. We carefully follow Apple’s technical manuals to find the bad part and then we replace it. This is the reason our techs are Apple Certified. We call it the “sniper shot” repair. We only want to replace ONE part and we only get one “shot” to impress you, our client.
3. Fewest number of parts per repair – When you’re wrong on which part is failing, then you have order a “second” part from Apple. Since we normally get it right on the first attempt, we have a very high score in this category as we generally only need to order one part per repair.
4. Fast bad part return – Apple wants their defective parts back as quickly as possible, so they can be analyzed and inspected. We do the repair quickly, so our bad parts are on their way back to Apple Service HQ the very same day we perform your repair.
If you haven’t used MacMedics before, then come visit us and find out what makes us the best place for Apple service in Maryland! You’re busy, so don’t fool around when it comes to Mac service and repair. We’re fast and no appointment is ever needed for walk-in service. See our post about Nine reasons not to wait in line & fight the crowds at the Apple Store or anywhere else for more info on the MacMedics advantage.
See the full text of the award at this link.

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