Apple Time Capsule Repair Extension

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

This program ended 1/20/2012

Apple recently identified a problem with certain Time Capsules sold between approximately February 2008 and June 2008. Some of these Time Capsules have experienced an inability to power on or unexpected shut downs. Owners of Time Capsules with serial numbers in the XX807XXXXXX – XX814XXXXXX range that have experienced one or both of these issues should contact MacMedics for repair or replacement options. Users that have already paid for a repair or replacement for a malfunctioning Time Capsule meeting the previously listed criteria should contact Apple Customer Service directly to seek a refund.
Additional information regarding this issue is available here.
If you have a sick Time Capsule that you need to get the data off of before you send it back to Apple we can help. See this MacMedics Blog post for more info regarding that process.

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