AppleCare Customer Drives 60 Miles AND Past the Annapolis Apple Store To Get To MacMedics

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

Here’s a note that one of our clients posted on an on-line review site supporting us. Please see our MacMedics Blog post on why bringing your Mac to MacMedics is better than making a trip to the Apple Store in the mall.
“Yesterday I picked up my MacBook from the Severna Park MacMedics location (near BWI). You’re gonna’ think MacMedics paid me to write this, but they didn’t.
Here goes: I drive 60 miles each way to take our MacBooks and iMacs to MacMedics if something goes wrong. Mac owners will back me up when tell I you it’s once a year or less. Things like the case chipping, the power cord needing replacement. Once I couldn’t get the chime on start-up and wondered if something was wrong. Ended up being some motherboard and power control thing. And the time my hard drive crashed and burned. They had me from hello. I walked in with my problem, and they spoke Mac to me. Fluently. From then, and each time I go in, whether it’s for a hardware warranty repair, or even a “why’s it doing this?” question, they listen, they help, and they teach. I almost never leave without them passing along a cool website for my Mac. Computer geeks in the best sense of the phrase, really! I bypass (literally) the Apple Store at the Annapolis Mall to get to MacMedics. For me, they do the job right each and every time. Submitted with highest regard. VE”

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