Apple's 10.5.7 will be out soon. Rumored release date of 5/8 turned out to be wrong.

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Word on the street is that Apple might release OS X 10.5.7 very soon (it was rumored to be released on Friday 5/8, but that turned out that not to be the case).
While the 10.5.7 Leopard update will be very exciting news, MacMedics DOES NOT recommend that Mac users install this update the day it comes out. Also, for anyone that use their computers for production or other mission critical purposes, we recommend you install this update on a test machine and try it out for a few days before installing it on your primary machine.
MacMedics also strongly recommends you have a tested and fully functional back up in place BEFORE you install any Apple system software update. Something could go wrong during the install, and you could have a major problem on your hands. Whenever Apple releases a major update to OS X we usually see 4 or 5 clients’ hard drives die that first day. If your hard drive is dying or already unhealthy, the extra hard drive activity needed to install a major update is often all it takes to kill a hard drive. Please see our web page [] on the subject of hard drive failures.
Don’t forget that while Time Machine is an excellent automatic back up (just the way we like it here at MacMedics!), it IS very hard to test the RESTORE capabilities of such a back up. Read my post on Time Machine here. The short story is while you might not lose any data, you could be in for a major situation and delay if you want to recreate your hard drive as it was. The ideal situation is to have TWO back ups. One Time Machine and one “bootable” clone back up of your hard drive. That way no matter what happens you can boot off the clone and get right back to work.
We’ll post new info on our update warnings page and here in our Blog as it becomes available. We will also Twitter about anything you need to know in the meantime.

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