Are You Behind In Your Podcast Subscriptions And Is Your iPhone Playing Your Podcast Too Fast?

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Are You Behind In Your Podcast Subscriptions?
As I prepared to work outside today, I figured I’d grab a few Podcasts I was behind in, and sync them to my iPhone.
It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to a few of them so I had to tell iTunes to download the latest episodes. It took me a second to remember how to tell iTunes to start downloading them again.

In order to trigger iTunes to give you this option, you have to click on the little round “Exclamation Mark” in the “Status Column”.
And Is Your iPhone Playing Your Podcast Too Fast?
So a grabbed the episodes that I wanted to hear and prepared to head outside to work in the yard. I clicked on the first episode, and it was playing a double the speed. I figured there must be a setting for this, and there is. It’s a new feature in iPhone 3.0 and it’s displayed in the “Scrubber Bar” which allows you to skip to any point in your Podcast. The control for the playback speed is all the way to the right and in direct sunlight I could not see it outside.
I looked on the Internet to see if this was a common settings issue or not. I did a quick search and found Apple’s guide for the playback controls on the iPhone website.

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