Be careful closing your Mac laptop screen!

From the MacMedics repair files: Be careful closing your laptop screen. I’d say the most frequent damage is when a charging cable is hidden on the side of the laptop, and the screen gets shut on it, breaking the screen. In this case, it was the end piece of a bellybutton ring, that’s like a little silver ball bearing that got caught in the laptop and ended up breaking the screen and the touch bar; unfortunately, this unit did not have AppleCare+. Sadly, two major components were damaged. This one was not worth the cost of the repair.

The good news is that MacMedics could offer a trade-in on this broken one, and the customer could also keep their old power adapter to use as a desk adapter with their new Mac!. They ended up with a new Space Grey M2 13” MacBook Air WITH AppleCare+ this time!!

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