Buy A New Mac Before Year End And Lower Your 2010 Tax Liability

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As the end of the year approaches, we wanted to remind our clients and Mac friends that you might actually be able to make your end-of-year Macintosh computer purchases financially beneficial toward reducing your tax liability.
Here is a detailed explanation of Section 179 (first-year depreciation allowance for equipment) and how to take advantage of it.
Congress is considering a compromise tax deal reached by President Obama and others in Congress that would extend and expand the depreciation bonus through 2012.
Of course, when it comes to taxes, you should consult a tax professional to ensure that you’re making the right move here at year-end.
If you’re not ready to have new gear installed or there’s not time in your schedule, we can invoice you in 2010, you can pay before year-end. Then, in 2011 we can install for you after the holidays.

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