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Don’t abuse your Apple MagSafe Power Adapter by wrapping your cord the wrong way!

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Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to wrap your cord with MagSafe 1 & 2 Apple Power Adapters? This technique only applies to Apple’s older power adapters. The new Apple USB-C Power Adapter has no cleats to wrap the cord around (like with the old MagSafe Power Adapters). With […]

LPT: If you have to have your iPhone fixed away from home

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LPT: If you happen to be on vacation and you have to go outside of Apple to have your iPhone screen replaced, ask to keep your old “broken” screen. The non-Apple places don’t “have” to have that, and they sell them to make extra money. Once you arrive back home and your replacement non-Apple screen […]

Beware! iCloud Backups Deleted after 180 Days

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Our friends over at TidBITS posted about iCloud backups. Please take a moment to read about this little known fact: Visit Fourati Visuals For Great Website Design  

You might want to hold off on that software update…

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While you’re working from home or have some extra time to fill, we’re recommending that you NOT run that software update on your Macintosh, iPhone, or iPad while you have important work to do. If your device is working, we would recommend you just let it go on its current software revision and ONLY run […]

Phishing emails are getting more advanced

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This Chase “Phishing” email arrived in my inbox today. I could tell right away that it was fake. If you see my first photo, I checked to see who the email was from and as you can see it did not come from Chase. For fun, I clicked on the link and was shocked to […]

A Safe Bet: Stick With Genuine Apple MagSafe Power Adapters

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Many folks have caved to the temptation of buying a non-Apple power adapter for their MacBook when it’s less than half of what Apple charges on Amazon or eBay. As you might expect, counterfeit ones are more likely to fail suddenly and pose some serious safety concerns. As a result, we end up recycling a […]

Try to avoid 3rd-party iPhone chargers and cables

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We hear stories of 3rd-party iPhone chargers and adapters going wrong all the time. As you might expect, we usually tell customers to avoid non-Apple adapters and cables and stick with the genuine Apple accessories. Well, last night after my daughter went off to camp with my Apple charger and cable, I started rooting around […]

A Time Machine Backup Hard Drive Makes a Great Mother's Day Gift

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Happy Mother’s Day! Do you know what makes a great Mother’s Day gift? A Time Machine backup hard drive! If you’re the keeper of the photos, you must have them backed up at all times. The older the computer, the greater the risk of hard drive failure, but ANY hard drive (including Solid State hard […]

Hackers now targeting Macs more often

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In case you needed another reason to stop using MacKeeper (see URL below). We’re also seeing an increase in Malware attacks against Macs here at Mac Medics. MacKeeper is not worthwhile software and we recommend to STOP using it and NEVER to call them for support. They are not a U.S. company.

When your Macintosh requires service, MacMedics is where you should come first!

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Today, another computer repair shop came to visit MacMedics. They were trying to fix a MacBook Air and came to see us to try to buy an Apple hard drive service part. We certainly respect other places trying to help their customers, but these folks are just not equipped to fix Apple gear without the […]