Clean Room Data Recovery Discounts For Hurricane Irene Victims Of Data Loss

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

From now through October 1, 2011, one of MacMedics’ Clean Room Data Recovery partners is offering $500 off their data recovery services for hard drives damaged by water, mud or power surges from Hurricane Irene: one recovery per person and one recovery per business.
By taking advantage of this special pricing, hurricane victims may be able to recover irreplaceable digital photos, critical financial records, address books, passwords, personal files and other important data from their damaged hard drives that might otherwise be lost forever.
If your hard drive has been submerged, has been leaked on, or has been damaged by mud or sewage. Please bring it to MacMedics. We’ll bag it, tag it, and ship it off for you free of charge to the Clean Room data recovery firm of your choice.
If you’re not a MacMedics client, and you’d like a list of our Clean Room data recovery partners, please call us at 1-866-MAC-MEDICS and we’d be happy to send you our list. All of our partners offer a free evaluation of your data loss situation as well as 10% off off your Macintosh or Windows data recovery. Also, some of our recovery partners also offer iPod, iPad, and iPhone data recovery as well.
Follow these tips to protect from further data loss.
For water damaged computers and drives:
– Do not attempt to power up visibly wet devices.
– Do not dry a wet hard drive or other computer media.
– Place hard drives in an airtight bag (double bag it).
To avoid data loss caused by power spikes/surges:
-Unplug all electronic devices from outlets, surge protectors and battery backup systems before power is restored
-If a hard drive won’t spin up or makes any unusual noises, shut down the computer immediately

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