Client feedback regarding Apple hardware repairs

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

When we perform an Apple repair either in or out of warranty, Apple sends our client a survey to fill out regarding their repair experience from MacMedics. Here are some of the latest:
MacMedics has a very good reputation in the design community in Washington DC. This was my first time using them and they were excellent. MacMedics took the time to properly diagnose the problem and come up with a more realistic/affordable solution that so far has resolved my issues 100%.
Very knowledgeable and shared great advice. Better service and more communication then [other service providers].
Though the repair was very long and involved we were frequently updated and the service provider was always very polite and apologetic. I was impressed with the thoroughness of the service and very satisfied to have my problem completely resolved with just one service.
I will do all future business regarding my Mac computer with Mac Medics without question and will recommend Mac Medics to anyone I come across in need of Mac services.
Very helpful.
I thought the service at MacMedics was outstanding.

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