Comcast closes port 25 for e-mail for 2009

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I had a client call to say that she suddenly could not send e-mail from home. After finding out her ISP was Comcast I did a little digging. I assumed that something must have changed recently and maybe to coincide with the start of a new year.
Since I’m no longer a Comcast subscriber (I now have FIOS) I had not heard that something had changed. I did a little poking around on the internet and came across this communication from Comcast dated 12/23/08.
“Dear Comcast High-Speed Internet Subscriber:
Action Taken: In an effort to help prevent spam and ensure the security of our network and customers, Comcast has modified your modem’s settings to prevent the sending of email on port 25. That is the default port email programs such as Outlook Express use to send email.
Comcast Webmail Users
If you use a web browser to access your email, this action will not affect your ability to send or receive e-mail. This action also does not affect any non-Comcast webmail services.
Email Program Users (Outlook Express, Outlook, MacMail, etc.)
If you use an email program, this action will disable your program’s ability to send email until you change your email program settings to send email on port 587. Port 587 uses authentication and is an industry-recommended alternative to port 25. If you use Outlook Express and email, Comcast has provided a simple one click fix for you to use with Internet Explorer. If you use another email program such as MacMail, Eudora, or Thunderbird, please visit our client page for information on how to change the settings for sending email in your email program.
If you are not using email and use another email provider, please contact your provider for its recommended port settings. Most email providers offer an alternative to port 25 for sending email.”
There are other ports you can use to send mail. Try switching to port 995 or 587.

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