“Dana and the MacMedics team are lifesavers”!

“Dana and the MacMedics team are lifesavers! If you are having trouble with your Mac or Apple product or are in the market for a new device, I highly recommend visiting them. They are knowledgeable, kind, and actually out to help you find the best solution to your problem or the best product for your needs. (They won’t try to oversell you!)

Dana saved me from losing all my data, including about 130 hours worth of work on a project that was due for print submission the very next day.

I was absolutely distraught when, after not having backed up for a month—yikes, bad move on my part, my 2015 MacBook Pro shut off with no warning, never to take another breath. Not only was the MacMedics team able to save my data, but they also helped me download just the stuff I needed to complete my project onto an external drive so I could get back to work right away on a different machine I had available without waiting for my new laptop to come in.

I was able to finish and submit that night, and the books arrived in time for their intended event—and they turned out beautifully!

I bought my brand new MacBook from MacMedics and am using it to write this review. They helped me pick the right one for my needs, and I was even given credit for my very dead, old laptop.

I cannot say enough how thankful I am for their help, calm advice, fairness & excellent customer service. If I could give them ten stars instead of just five, I would”!

Rachel Buxton
Washington, DC

Thank you to our customer, Rachel, for leaving the MacMedics crew and me in Severna Park with this excellent five-star Google review. For all of my creative clients, there is a good lesson here. When you are working hard and burning the midnight oil to complete a big project like Rachel was, you must ensure your data is backed up in multiple ways. Time Machine is your first best defense, but I would also like to advise my creative and author clients to add a cloud backup (Rachel added one!). In addition, I like having a daily backup to a rugged and waterproof thumb drive that you carry with you in case your gear gets stolen while you are out of your home.

P.S. I could only save Rachel’s important project because her old Mac had a removable hard drive. This is no longer the case with new Macs, so be sure to back up your data in multiple ways!

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