Did The Apple Store Tell You Your Mac Is Obsolete And They Can't Help You? That'll Never Happen Here At MacMedics

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The Apple Store won’t help with older Apple units, MacMedics CAN! In the case mentioned below by our new customer George, we were ready to take care of his PowerBook G4 when the Apple Store turned him away. In the end he opted for a MacMedics reconditioned MacBook Pro with a 1-year year warranty. So all things considered, we did what we LOVE to do! We took care of someone that needed our services, and we were able to do it for a great price which makes both our customers AND us very happy. Check out George’s review of MacMedics from Yelp below:
My name is George and my Mac G4 17″ laptop died on Saturday (02/19/11). I took it to the Apple Store in Columbia Mall on Sunday and after their diagnostic service, they indicated that they could not either determine the problem or repair my laptop because it was obsolete. However, the best thing that they did do was to was recommend MacMedics, to me. On Monday, I called MacMedics and they asked me if I could bring my laptop in that day. Within two hours they had provided me a quote to repair my unit, but they recommended that I should replace it, if possible. Because of the used and reconditioned units that MacMedics has in stock, I was able to upgrade to a MacBook Pro – 17″ within the timeframe and at a price that was within my budget. On Tuesday (02/22/11) MacMedics (Matthew) had that unit ready for pick up with all of my data transferred from my old laptop and ready for use.
Great response, great service and great price.”

George F.
Burtonsville, MD

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