Did You Know That We Love Fixing Macs For Our Clients? This Is How You Get Rave Reviews!

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

Here at MacMedics, we really, REALLY LOVE what we do, and we really enjoy helping clients with Macintosh problems. In many cases, these folks have already called someplace else, only to get the run around.
In some cases, the issue can be very simple and what looks like a complex problem, and be quickly solved on the spot.
See the Angie’s List review from just such a MacMedics client from 2/2/12:
I added a Seagate external hard drive to my iMac and by accident loaded some Windows based software onto my Apple computer. The end result was that I was unable to start my computer. I called several Computer Tech companies to help me and it was going to cost several hundred dollars to fix the problem and would take several days. Bad news, I needed the computer running immediately and paying several hundred dollars was not a good thing.
I decided to look for a local company that specialized in Apple computers and found MAC MEDICS. I called them and explained the issue and the tech person thought he knew how to fix the problem. He walked me through several steps over the telephone but could not get the computer to work. Unfortunately that meant I would have to bring the computer in. I got to the store later that day and the technician who helped me on the phone came out to take a look at the computer. Fortunately it was an easy fix and he got the computer running correctly. He explained that this was a common problem that he has seen from customers. How much did he charge me, $0.00!
Wow what a company! I will definitely use MAC MEDICS in the future. In fact I purchased from them an inexpensive service plan for this computer.

Here’s another Angie’s list review from 11/22/10:
In addition to doing an excellent job replacing my iMac’s hard drive, the owner, Dana Stibolt, spent a lot of time with me on the phone explaining my options. He worked me in that very day, and completed the work in less than two hours. I was very impressed. Although it was quite a drive from where I live, I would go there again should my iMac need service again.

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