Don’t let your AppleCare+ expire!

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My team and I are big fans of AppleCare+, and I have it on ALL eight of my devices (Two MacBook Pros, Two iPhones, Two Apple Watches, an iPad Pro, and an Apple TV).

Yup, I’m that guy. Two is one, and one is none (a Navy Seal mantra), so I have backups to always keep working and coaching. Plus, on all of the devices owned by my company, MacMedics, I always add AppleCare+. So if something gets dropped or damaged here at the shop, I’m covered even though I work for Apple.

Also, AppleCare+ changed for both iPhones and Macs pretty recently. When your iPhone 2-Year or Mac 3-Year term expires, you can now renew AppleCare+ month to month on the iPhone and annually on the Mac. Just follow the instructions here:

Important! You won’t receive notifications that your plan is about to expire!

Figure out when your coverage is ending, and set yourself a Siri reminder.

Hey Siri, remind me that my AppleCare will expire in 3-Years. She will put that right on your iPhone. See the screenshot below.


Don't let your AppleCare+ expire

If you’re not planning on getting AppleCare for your Mac, you might want to on your iPhone (or your kid’s iPhone). On an iPhone, you can look up (or buy coverage on a new iPhone!) your coverage right on your device. Go to Settings > General > About

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