Don't Let Your Valuable Data Fall Victim To Friday The 13th

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Time Machine is an excellent way to back up your files! Its only cool and powerful if you actually turn it on and USE it!
Time Machine is an excellent way to back up your files! It's only cool and powerful if you actually turn it on and USE it!
Friday the 13th would be an excellent time to ensure that your Mac’s valuable hard drive data is fully backed up. We’ve been over this before, but here at MacMedics, we see this just about every day. We HATE to see folks in here who have lost pictures, school papers, financial, and business documents when a backup system can be purchased for as little as $99! In fact, we often have to perform data recovery for folks that bought a back up hard drive but never even took it out of the box to set it up. We’ll complete a data recovery for someone, and when we get to the part where we need to have the “Backup Talk” we find out they had a backup drive, but just never used it.
Apple is so well known for excellent quality, and new Mac owners will delay their backup plans. We also hear about this happening because of the lack of virus issues on the Macintosh as well, and therefore people are less likely to plan for problems.
You need to make your backup system automatic or use a program like Apple’s Time Machine. That’s the first step. Nobody can keep up with a “manual” drag-n-drop backup! To boot, quite a bit of the data loss we see here happens when someone copies over essential data during a drag-n-drop Finder copy. Sometimes, folks think they have the data copied, but something goes wrong, and they end up with just an alias of the original file, then they go and delete the original data because they think they just copied it somewhere.
The second step is to test (set a Siri reminder) your backup drive to ensure your files are in fact protected and you’re able to grab them anytime you need them. There’s no such thing as a “Set-It-And-Forget-It” back up system. Even with Apple’s Time Machine, you should keep a close eye on it to ensure it IS backing you up and that the hard drive that Time Machine is using is healthy! If your backup drive is more than 3-4 years old, it’s an excellent idea to semi-retire it. You can still use it as an off-site backup.
If you need help getting your back up set up, our advice is free, and we have external portable and desktop hard drives in stock!
If you have data you care about it needs to be backed up! Just because your computer is new or you just replaced the hard drive offers you very little protection. Hard drives can die at any time, and in fact, there’s an increased risk of that occurring in the first 30 to 60 days of a hard drives’ life.
See our website for more info on “retiring” older drives and ensuring you have a safe back up.
Also, an Off-Site back up is an excellent way to double your chances for data recovery. Plus, if something terrible happens like a theft, fire, or flood, your data is still safe. See this post for more info on that.
Also, as an added tip: Don’t have iPhoto or Photos delete your pictures off your camera. Leave them in two places, in iPhoto or Photos, AND on your camera until you have them BACKED UP. You ALWAYS want to have your valuable data in TWO PLACES at all times. You can manually delete them off your camera once you have them backed up on your computer.
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