Don't Miss Out On Twitter Breaking News Alerts, Even If You're Not A Twitter User!

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Not on Twitter? Many people are not “ON” Twitter and as a result they miss a great deal of breaking news.
If you’re a Mac fan and you’d like so keep in touch with the Tweets from MacMedics without the commitment of having your own Twitter account, there’s a great way to do that.
This is a great way to give yourself some extra reading material that is far more relevant than that out of date Sports Illustrated that is covered in germs at the doctor’s office.
Step #1
Point your iOS version of Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to:

Step #2
While there click the center icon at the bottom of your screen (the one that looks like an email icon) and choose the option to “Add to Home Screen”.

Now, whenever you want to catch up with the world of MacMedics, just click the Twitter icon from your home screen, and you can “jump” right to our page.
If you have other web sites that you visit often, this works for any web page. In fact, I have one site I visit that requires a user name and password (not on-line banking or other secure sites), and I have added the user name and password to the URL, so I don’t have to type them in every time.
Like this:

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