Drobo Mini 8TB bundle offers protected storage on-the-go

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Are you a photographer, filmmaker or other creative professional that worries about losing footage from the field? The new Drobo Mini is your answer. It offers not only a small, rugged form factor for on-the-go storage, but is now also available as an 8TB bundle for massive amounts of storage.
The Drobo Mini offers so many important features for creative pros. Perhaps most critical is confidence: The Drobo Mini 8TB bundle is built on the award-winning BeyondRAID technology that protects you against data loss even in the event of multiple drive failures. If a drive happens to fail, Drobo will automatically reconfigure the data and return to a protected state without disruption.
The 8T bundle is also your solution for major shoots. Creative professionals used to find lugging 8TBs of storage to a photo or video shoot to be a huge challenge, with existing hardware lacking both portability and data protection. Now, with the Drobo Mini 8TB bundle, creative professionals can easily bring a tremendous amount of storage capacity anywhere. New drives can also be added or swapped on-the-fly with zero downtime.
Need a combination of durability, portability, speed, data protection, and substantial storage? The Drobo Mini 8TB bundle will be a welcome addition to your team.
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