Sending mass emails and the dreaded "reply to all" mistake

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I saw in the news this morning an article about a new U.S. State Department mandate regarding accidently using “reply to all” in e-mails. I’m amazed that the State Department and many other folks DON’T use “Blind Carbon Copy” when sending an e-mail to a large list of recipients. This is easy and it prevents the “reply to all” problem. It also gives e-mail privacy to your recipients.
If you want to send an e-mail to a large group of people, just send the e-mail to yourself, and “blind carbon copy” everyone else. That will ensure that your list of recipients stays private, and if someone has a problem, they’ll be e-mailing only you and not your whole list.
It’s also bad form to use “reply to all” to demand that your e-mail address be removed from the list. This often happens with List Serves where someone wants to be removed, uses the address for mailing to the whole list thinking it’s the e-mail address for the list administrator. Pay attention to the rules of the list, and use the supplied methods for removing yourself if you want to jump off the list. They are usually included at the bottom of each e-mail sent out by the list serve.

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