Fake iPhone/Drug Scale spotted in the wild

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

While in downtown Annapolis, the brother of one of our employees was approached by a few guys who asked him if he wanted to buy some drugs. Of course he said “NO!” and left the area. Soon after he told some Maryland State Police who were also in the area about the guys selling drugs. The police found the guys and searched them, but found no drugs. They did find this weird iPhone drug scale, which they thought was suspicious. The cops saw that it was some kinds of a fake iPhone, and managed to open it an see that it was a drug scale and not an iPhone. Later, the cops showed the device to our employee’s brother and allowed him to take some pictures of it.
There was some Internet buzz about this device early last year (2008), but it’s kind of strange to see that it really made it out into the real world and drug dealers are using them.

See the large size version of this picture here.

See the large size version of this picture here.

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