Fix Your Verizon iPhone 4S Phone Contact Records To Include Missing "Dashes"

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If you have purchased a new Verizon iPhone 4S that you upgraded from AT&T you may have noticed that your contacts and phone numbers are missing the “dashes”. The phone numbers all look like 4109878588 instead of (410) 987-8588.
When you set up your new Verizon iPhone 4S and restore from a backup from an old device like the iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4, or even an AT&T iPhone 4S you’ll see this issue.
In order to fix this problem, the solution is pretty simple. All you have to do is have Verizon re-activate your iPhone 4S.
Here are the steps to resolve the problem:

1. Use your new iPhone to dial *228. This is the Verizon over-the-air programming number.

2. When the system answers press 1 for “Program or activate your phone”.
3. Wait for the call to disconnect. You should get a prompt stating that “Your settings have been updated”.

4. Open the Task Manager by double clicking the home button and close all of the apps by holding down one of them until they wiggle. Then press the minus icon above them to close all.
5. Wait a few minutes for everything to update.
6. Open “Contacts” to verify the formatting problem was corrected.
If the problem is still not resolved, make sure to close out all of your apps

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