For Basic Or Advanced Data Recovery, Come See MacMedics First!

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

Update 3/8/14: MacMedics now charges $399 for our famous Data Recovery One service. However, we do now include a free 500GB USB hard drive to return your data to (if you send or bring us a bare hard drive), or it can be used as your future Time Machine backup hard drive so you NEVER have to go through the data recovery process again. See our website for more info:
We perform Macintosh data recovery at our MacMedics locations every day. When you’ve been told that you need “data recovery”, you should come see us first. About 90% of the folks referred to us from the Apple Store walk away with all of their data.
If your drive still spins, there’s a very good chance that we can recover all of your data. Best of all, our Tier 1 Data Recovery is only $399. That’s a fraction of what you might pay for more intensive (and often unnecessary) cleanroom data recovery. If we cannot recover your data, we can work with you to get your hard drive sent off for cleanroom data recovery.
Why pay $2000 (or more) for advanced clean room recovery if all you really need is data rescue? Call us to talk about your situation and how we can help you!
See below for a recent review of our Data Recovery service by T D of Severna Park, MD:
“MacMedics to the rescue!
“Last week one of my external hard drives failed to mount for no reason. I contacted the drive’s customer IT support and they said the drive probably went bad (even though it was only 5 months old) and because it was a RAID drive which was set up as RAID 0 I probably lost ALL my data and there was no way to recover it. In desperation, I scoured the web for hours reading forums on the issue. I almost sent the drive to a very expensive data recovery site in California until I started to google local options – finally I found MacMedics! The cost of data recovery at MacMedics was a flat fee of $399 (no matter how much data needed to be recovered). Chris at MacMedics did a wonderful job keeping me informed of the job status. When he called me to tell me he was able to recover all the data from my drive, even back it up and create a duplicate folder which was more organized according to file type, I was so elated! I had to pull over to do a happy dance. All the information on the drive was irreplaceable, so they really rescued me and my data! I would highly recommend them for any situation that involves external hard drive failures. Thanks MacMedics!”

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