Former macUpgrades Client Visits MacMedics And Gives Us A 5 Star Review For "Unparalleled Service"

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

We hate to see our clients suffer without a working computer, so when former macUpgrades client, Daniel visited our shop on Saturday we figured out the problem and fixed his computer same-day. In fact, his MacBook qualified for a free repair from Apple, so we had that part in stock and took care of that at the same time.
Do you have a Macintosh service problem? We’d love to help! MacMedics has been fixing Macs and helping Mac users in Washington, Baltimore and elsewhere since 1989. Our location in Lanham is the ONLY Apple Authorized Service Provider in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and our location in Millersville is the Annapolis and Baltimore’s original independent Macintosh repair center and data recovery specialist.
Recently, MacMedics started the process of buying long-time Apple Specialist, macUpgrades of Bethesda, Maryland. You can read more about that announcement at
The review from our new client and Mac friend, Daniel appears below. Thanks for the review!
I recently had a RAM debacle while upgrading my Operating system. As hard as I tried to mess things up, when I got into MacMedics I had unparalleled service from Dana and his crew. They were able to get my MacBook back up and running better than ever in one day and save me the hassle of losing my computer for an entire work week. Yes I did have to pay for it and yes it was worth every penny.
Bethesda, MD

Thinking of stopping by one of The Apple Stores for a Mac Repair? We offer a number of compelling reasons to visit MacMedics instead. Our clients tell us that the number one reason that people come visit MacMedics for Mac service vs. The Apple Store is that no appointments are ever required. Also we offer 24-hour warranty repair (for most warranty repairs), Low cost rental computers (if needed), 1-year parts and labor warranty on all out-of-warranty repairs (The Apple Store only offers a 90-day warranty), Hard Drive upgrades (The Apple Store will only replace your drive with the same size), Advanced Macintosh Data Recovery, and we repair ALL Apple computers right here in our shop (Even Vintage and Obsolete units). We do not ship out laptops for Apple “Depot Repair” as is the practice for many cases at The Apple Store. Plus, we offer a VIP repair program for Walk-In service that blows the doors off of Apple’s One-To-One, Joint Venture, or even AppleCare. Our VIP repair program can cover your future repairs for as little as $99 (Mac Pros and MacBook Pros are $149). Get all of the details on MacMedics vs. The Apple Store at this link:

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