Give The Gift Of Data Security & Backup For Only $89

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Still looking for stocking stuffers for the holidays? Here’s an idea: Give the gift of data backup and security for only $89.
This little 320 GB portable USB hard drive comes with a 7-Year warranty.
Don’t forget that new or old hard drives can fail at any time, so it’s super important to keep your data backed up. A mistake that is often made, is that a new MacBook or iMac user will assume that since their new Apple computer is in fact new, they have 6 months of safe computing, where they don’t have to worry about their data. In fact, you have 30 day burn-in period where you are at a slightly higher chance of a hard drive failure in a new computer. This is a myth, and totally unsafe! In fact if you’re an Apple laptop user, you have the increased risk of theft, loss, and accidental damage.
If you’re giving the gift of a Macintosh computer this season, do your new Mac owner a favor and include a back-up drive.
As soon as you start generating data that you care about, you need to back it up! Need help getting started? We can help get your set up over the phone, on-site, in-lab, or via remote desktop support. See our website for more info on this topic.

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