Google Review: The Employees At MacMedics Were So Helpful And Polite

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

Justin, a new MacMedics client who came to us from the Apple Store wrote the following about us on Google on 8/5/11.
The employees at Mac Medics were so helpful and polite. When me and my girlfriend went to the Apple Store they belittled her, talked down to her, and made her feel even worse about the problems she was already having with her MacBook. Mac Medics took the time to explain what the problems might be, how they may be resolved, and the different levels of pricing that may result from the work. I would recommend for any Mac owner to use the services that Mac Medics provides. I know that in the future if I have any problems or when I need to replace my old MacBook, I will be returning to Mac Medics.

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