Happy holidays from MacMedics!

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MacMedics wishes to thank our many loyal clients and friends as 2008 has been great for us!
We were working hard yesterday getting the lab ready for end of year inventory, we ended up recycling a pretty good load of dead parts and old Macs. We were about to toss this old G4 iMac base onto the recycling truck, when someone said it would make a pretty cool lamp shade.
I got to thinking, and thought that we might be able to turn it into a Christmas tree base. I’m happy to reveal the MacMedics iTree, just in time for the holidays. Thanks to Charles and Jason for helping out with the idea.
Be sure to zoom in to see the Bondi Blue Apple tree topper at the top of the tree.
Happy holidays from MacMedics!

Click here for full size iTree!
Thanks to cultofmac.com for the mention and the link!
Thanks also to tengounmac.com for the mention and the link!
Thanks also to onemorething.nl for the mention and the link!

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