Hard drives die!

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We wanted to let you know about some of MacMedics’ 2008 New Year’s resolutions a little early.
Almost every day we learn about folks with varying degrees of data loss. We hate hearing about this topic, as there’s always a sad story involved. We’re pledging to educate our clients even more about the risks of hard drive failure.
There are four main points we want to address:
 1. Always have your data in two places.
 2. Use an automatic back-up program & test your back-up regularly.
 3.  Proactively retire hard drives before they start to fade away or fail outright.
 4. If you ever hear your hard drive make a funny noise (popping, clicking, or grinding), turn off the computer and give us a call right away for advice.
Buying a new hard drive to replace your current drive is smart, especially if it will allow you to end up with an automatic back-up system. Having new drive installed before 2007 ends might also make sense so you can book some additional business expenses in the current year. The Maryland sales tax rate will increase to 6% on 1/3/08, making all hardware purchases more expensive.
Another great reason is if you’re planning an upgrade to Leopard, Apple’s new version of OS X. If your machine is a few years old, you should be looking at retiring your hard drive anyways, but upgrading to Leopard with a new, larger, and faster hard drive is wise. In most cases, your old hard drive can be incorporated into a new, automatic back up system as well.
Hard drives are really inexpensive (please visit our website to get our latest price sheet, or send us an e-mail), so much so, that installing a new drive as part of service call can be more cost effective that trying to erase, test, and re-use an older hard drive for Leopard.
Want more details? Please visit our new website with more information on this topic at:

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