Have you been told you need a new $800 logic board?

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It pays to get a second opinion from MacMedics when you’ve been quoted an expensive Macintosh repair elsewhere. Repair costs on all modern Apple products are up, as more and more technology has been crammed onto the logic board and other major parts.
Case in point, a nice lady brought in her G5 iMac to sell to us for parts. We had close 10 people in the lab when she came in, so we did not get much of a chance to talk to her. She had said she wanted to drop the unit not for repair, but for us to buy it for parts and that it had a bad logic board. We got a call from her a few days later to see what we had found out. When she rang in on the phone, I had a chance to get some more details from her. We talked about the leaking capacitor issue, and I wondered if that might be her issue. Turns out, that she had the unit looked at by another Apple Authorized Service Provider, who convinced her she needed a new machine. Sound familiar? She really could not tell me too much about the issue, so I told her I would look at the iMac personally and call her back later that day.
First thing I noticed was that the unit did not power on. It was stone dead. Not always a symptom of a logic board, so I’m thinking that trying a power supply might be wise. Sure enough, I put in one of our test iMac power supplies (we keep all types in stock for just this reason). The unit worked great and passed all Apple Service Diagnostics.
So this story has a happy ending. MacMedics was able to bring a sick unit back to life for about a quarter of the cost of a new logic board. Client was happy to save some serious money and keep the unit for a few more years. The other cool thing about having your Mac serviced here at MacMedics is we offer a full one year warranty on all repairs NOT covered by Apple’s warranty.
Many service places (some Apple Authorized and some not) often take the worse case scenario approach and start thinking about the worse possible problem. Here at MacMedics we take a “bottom up” service approach, where we look for all the small things first, and work our way up to the larger items. This is why folks have been coming back to MacMedics for over 20 years. We are fanatical about providing the very best Mac service and support. We are also absolutely thinking ultimate precision when we take your unit apart and then put it back together. Apple computers are made to have very tight cases and close fitting precision parts.
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