Have You Ever Seen A Roach Infested iMac? Viewer Discretion Advised

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Have you ever seen a roach infested iMac? We took care of this difficult repair a few months ago. The Apple Store refused to work on it, so they referred it to MacMedics.
As you can see the iMac was totally full of dead roaches.
We had to take the iMac completely apart to clean all of them out. When we were done, the unit was as good as new.
To start, we taped up all of the openings (the vent along the back, the SuperDrive slot, and the vents along hte bottom) and tied a black plastic bag over and let it sit for about 4 or 5 days.
Here are the pictures from when we opened the unit up. Viewer Discretion Advised

Ok, here it is, wait for it: This iMac had alot of “Computer Bugs”. (that was a joke)

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