Here at MacMedics, we strongly recommend AppleCare+ for iPhone & iPad.

Here at MacMedics, we strongly recommend AppleCare+ for iPhone & iPad over ANY other carrier insurance. At Verizon and AT&T, they will often add their insurance to your bill. You need to opt out of it if you don’t want it.

AppleCare is cheaper (as far as we know) and is far more comprehensive. Plus, with non-Apple insurance, you can end up with a Frankenstein phone with some Apple parts and some not (batteries not as good and screens that are not as durable and color accurate as of the genuine Apple Service part). AppleCare+ deductibles are cheaper too! $29 for a front screen, only $99 for a whole iPhone, which is half of the full unit exchange price for most carrier insurance. You can buy AppleCare+ right on your iPhone, and Apple even has a Loss & Theft coverage!

Also, AppleCare+ can be purchased for a 2-year term and is entirely renewable when that term is up. All Apple devices can now “renew” AppleCare. Go to the Apple Support App on your iPhone to renew (after your AppleCare+ expires). Please note that if you opt-in for the Loss & Theft coverage on your iPhone, “Find my iPhone” MUST be on for Apple to honor the claim!

If you bought a new Apple device (from anywhere), MacMedics can sell you AppleCare+ for the same price as Apple.

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