I am a happy forever MacMedics customer!

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I am an “Apple person.” We have a MacBook Air, an iPhone X, and a new iPad Air. Last week, my old iPad was definitely having battery problems, and I’d been having issues with the other two devices as well. I did what most people do in that case – made an appointment and visited the Apple store – Bam – solution – need to buy a new iPad, which I did – BUT then the Apple rep looked at the other two devices and deemed that, like that old iPad, these other devices were vintage, and they couldn’t fix them. He urged me to look at new devices, but then I remembered MacMedics, which my son and husband had very successfully used for their even more vintage than my devices. I visited MacMedics!!!! In one day, everything was perfect – I walked in – no appointment needed – new battery in my laptop (overnight), new battery in my iPhone (it took 1 hour!), excellent, friendly expert service – EVERYTHING GOOD AS NEW – and I am a happy forever MacMedics customer!
Marcia Russell
Annapolis, Maryland
Your support of MacMedics is greatly appreciated. Loyal customers like you have made our 34 years of Apple service possible! With an average tenure of 9.5 years of Apple service experience across our team, you will get helpful insights and a level of Apple service unavailable elsewhere! Thank you SO MUCH for leaving our team at MacMedics Severna Park, Maryland, a 5-star Google review for your iPhone and MacBook Air battery service! We greatly appreciate it!

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