“I made a HUGE MISTAKE of taking my computer to a local computer place instead of MacMedics!”

Check out this Google 5-star review for MacMedics in Severna Park, Maryland:

“I’ve been taking my Mac to MacMedics for a few years, and not once have I regretted it. But I have to share a recent experience.

I made a HUGE MISTAKE of taking my computer to a local computer place (I will be writing a review on them later). This OTHER computer company had my computer for two months, and I do mean that very literally, exactly two months after being told repeatedly that the parts needed to fix it were ordered but are taking forever to come. After two months, I demanded they return my computer. When the computer was returned to me, I took my computer straight to MacMedics (which I regretfully didn’t do in the first place). MacMedics ran a quick diagnostic and explained exactly what the problem with my computer was; they ordered the part and had my computer completed and ready in exactly one day! Talk about a completely different and opposite experience of what I had with that other company. It’s worth mentioning that I walked in, and they ran the diagnostics immediately (try that at the Apple store because all you’re going to do is get a ticket and wait).

What was even better is that after running the diagnosis, ordering the part, and returning my computer, they confirmed with Apple that the part was covered under warranty, so there was no charge to me and no payment required. My monitor on my MacBook was also a bit loose, and they tightened the screws and removed a disc that was stuck in the drive, and didn’t charge me a single penny. I am not saying that it was the “free” stuff that made the experience great, because I have paid them for service before and they are well worth their service.

Last point: while there, my car battery died, and they were kind enough to come out and give me a jump; not only do they fix computers, they fix cars (joking). Great service is very hard to find, and these guys are top-notch in both their service and expertise. As shared earlier, I have always historically taken my Macs to this location, and rest assured, I will never make the mistake of bringing them anywhere else.

These guys are on top of things! Keep up the great work, and definitely patronize this business.

Also, their location in Severna Park is superb, both in terms of convenience—it is right on Benfield Road—and in terms of the excellent retail and service layout. They have Apple computers, iPads, and iPods on retail display. My daughter loves to come here now to play with the iPad.”

A Happy MacMedics Customer from Halethorpe, MD

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