If it’s on the floor, it belongs to the dog!

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If it’s on the floor, it belongs to the dog!

This is a set of AirPod Pros that belongs to one of the team members here at MacMedics. His 70-pound golden lab found them on the floor when they slipped out of his pocket and turned them into a dog toy. Unfortunately for him, he was an early adopter and did not renew his AppleCare+. The good news was that he only had to replace the charging case.

We’ve seen this kind of damage before, and it IS so worth the $29 AppleCare+ and the $29 AppleCare+ deductible. Also, fun fact: If the bad dog had also damaged one or both of his AirPods, he would have only had to pay the $29 one time for all 2 or 3 items. MacMedics stocks both the AirPod 3 and the AirPod Pro devices for the same price as the Apple Store. If you happened to get a pair as a gift or grabbed a set elsewhere, MacMedics can add AppleCare+ in the first 60 days.

LPT: Dana the owner of MacMedics uses an inexpensive rubber case that helps the AirPods stay in your pocket. He even put his set through the wash twice and the rubber case saved the device!

My dog ate my AirPods!

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