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So maybe you use another Mac consultant or service provider, and that’s okay. There are others out there, but in the state of Maryland, there’s no firm or consultant that’s been at it longer than Dana Stibolt and MacMedics. Since 1989 we’ve provided our award-winning style of Macintosh service and consulting to the Annapolis, Baltimore, and Columbia areas. What makes us so successful? We make it about the Macs first and the money second. Sure, like all businesses, we’re here to make money just like you are, but we’re not here to rob you. By finding the source of your IT pain and just getting rid of it, we do our job and earn your trust. One of the things that makes us tick is our people. We all love to speak to folks on the phone and talk shop here in the Lab about Macs. If you’ve got a problem, then we want to talk to you. Nobody likes voicemail, and if you get ours, it’s because we’re really busy and we’re all on the phone; we promise we’ll call you back within the hour. Also, e-mail is always an option. If you’ve got a problem, we want to hear from you! We really do love what we do, and we’re quite proud of our accomplishments. As Apple Authorized Service Providers, Apple Authorized Resellers, Apple Authorized Government Resellers, and Certified Members of the Apple Consultants Network, we really do have the spirit of Apple in us. Recently an old client called us for some help when their current consultant let them down. Twenty years ago we had helped them with some small Mac issues, but as time passed and new players entered the business, we drifted apart. We had contacted them several times over the last few years just to say hello. We never really thought we could earn their business back, as there’s an Apple business right in their own building. That makes it tough to compete. Surprisingly enough, just because someone is nearby or because you have a long-standing relationship with another Mac consulting firm or a Mac Tech does not mean you’re getting the very best service. Let our team of Baltimore, Washington, or Philadelphia-based Mac Consultants come to visit you and offer your company or organization a second opinion. It’s free, and maybe a new point of view could be helpful to your productivity, workflow, data security, or bottom line. There’s no risk, and if you don’t think we’re right for you, that’s okay; we can take it. We’ll offer you our opinion on your Macintosh IT situation, and even if you don’t hire MacMedics, you may still benefit from our view of your network, server, and workstations. As I said, we’re in business to make money, but our success is based on HOW MUCH money we can save you. The better we serve you, and the more problems we can eliminate is a gauge of our performance and dedication. What other Macintosh consulting firm will try to put themselves out of business to provide you with the best possible value? Um, nobody but MacMedics. If you’re not using MacMedics, you should be. Call your local MacMedics office to set up a free on-site environmental assessment.

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