I’m 100% impressed with the team at MacMedics Severna Park!

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

“I’m 100% impressed with the team at MacMedics Severna Park! Seldom do you find an electronics repair shop that isn’t trying to upsell you into purchasing items and services you don’t need. 

I first went to the store in fall 2021 when my LaCie Rugged External Hard Drive stopped communicating with my 2015 Macbook Pro in the middle of a video project. MacMedics Severna Park took a look and let me know I have a factory warranty covering data recovery. This is a service they could have attempted and easily charged me hundreds of dollars to complete. The fact that a MacMedics Severna Park technician called me and advised me of the warranty and coverage spoke to the character of this small business’ management and staff. 

My second encounter with the Severna Park MacMedics staff was in winter 2022, when my aging 2015 Macbook Pro started malfunctioning during the latest macOS update. After spending one day on the phone with Adobe Creative Cloud Customer Service and then another day on the phone with Apple’s Genius Bar I felt I needed to talk with a human that appeared to care. So back to the MacMedics Severna Park store I went. 

I was blessed to chat with a manager that walked me through the scenario and advised me on the best Mac upgrade to suit my audio/video production needs. I left the MacMedics Severna Park store with a spec sheet detailing my next major laptop purchase and a greater understanding of the equipment, MINUS the high-pressure sales I may have experienced elsewhere. They didn’t have to spend time with me, but they did. That means a lot! 

I appreciate the professionalism,  expertise, and attention to customer service at the MacMedics Severna Park store, and will advise everyone I know to go there for their Mac repair needs”.

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