Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or in this case, copyright infringement.

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

MacMedics is no longer offering iPhone, iPod, or iPad repairs. See for more info.
MacMedics is well know for our award-winning Macintosh service & consulting, as well as our iPhone & iPod repair. So much so, that other firms offering similar services have ripped off our name, our look, and even our ads.
In the case listed below, the image used in our ad was a photo that we actually took in our office. believe it or not, it’s quite difficult to get a picture of an iPhone facing the camera straight on. The iPhone’s glass or lens reflects right back to the camera so getting a good shot was no easy task. In order to get the shot for this ad, we created our own “white box” to place the iPhone so we could get the best shot possible.
MacMedics holds a U.S. Government Trademark on the name “MacMedics”.
Here’s one of the more recent cases of someone ripping MacMedics off. In order to prevent unintentional promotion for the other business, the names and information have been blurred out to protect the not so innocent.

I did e-mail the firm that posted this ad, and while they offered no apology or explanation, they did change the ad so that our image was no longer in the ad. They also switched up the layout of the ad, so it no longer appears to be a direct rip off. For that, I thank them.

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